These are papers we've used in our work. Some are cited in or refer to our publications or website. Several are "classics", practically unavailable elsewhere. See Publications for papers from our lab. Links are to publishers' sites where they provide reasonable access to good quality searchable PDFs, and to local PDFs otherwise. Some of the latter contain annotations, which may be be useful to some readers, and are easily deleted if not. Please report errors and broken links to jmm[at]eidactics[dot]com.

Oculomotor Control & Extraocular Biomechanics Abramoff MD, Kalmann R, de Graaf MEL, Stilma JS, Mourits MP (2002). Rectus extraocular muscle paths and decompression surgery for graves orbitopathy: Mechanism of motility disturbances. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, vol 43, isu 2, pgs 300-307. Anderson (2006). Increased extraocular muscle strength with direct injection of insulin-like growth factor IInvestigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, vol 47, isu 6, pgs 2461-2467. Zhou W, King WM (1998). Premotor commands encode monocular eye movements. Nature, vol 393, isu 6686, pgs 692-695.

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Orbit™ In The News & Scientific Literature

These papers utilize or discuss our Orbit Gaze Mechanics Simulation.

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